What Are Erection Problems?

What Are Erection Problems?


When men become sexually excited, muscles, blood vessels, nerves, hormones all work together to develop an erection. The nerves send a message from the brain to the penis, stimulating the muscles to loosen up. This causes rapid blood flow into the penis tissues. Erection is resulted when the blood reaches the penis. The blood vessels to the penis get stopped immediately to maintain the erection. After the hard up, the veins release the blood from the penis.  You can get Best Medicine for Erectile Dysfunction at Arrowmeds.

Almost every man has experienced a difficulty to develop or keep an erection at some point in his life. Erection problems arise when you fail to get or maintain an erection throughout sexual intercourse. Some men don’t consider this a big deal as it does not happen that often. However, if you are frequently incapable of maintaining or getting an erection, you may have some health problems that need immediate medical attention. Erection problems are also identified as:

  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • Impotence

What Are the Root Causes of Erection Problems?

Erectile Problems can be caused due to physical and psychological issues. Older men mainly experience physical causes of ED. They may result due to some disorder that can distress the blood vessels and nerves responsible for achieving an erection.

Physical causes of erectile problems are:

  • Hardening of the arteries
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • Beta blockers, antidepressants, or muscle relaxers
  • Long-term tobacco use
  • Alcoholism or substance abuse
  • Injury or trauma to the genital region or spinal cord
  • Liver or kidney disease
  • Inborn genital problems
  • Treatment for prostate problems

Stress is also one of the major issues for developing erection problems. Relationship troubles can also prevent a man from being sexually aroused, and comprise:

  • stressing over for not being able to get or maintain an erection
  • Lingering stress related to professional, social, or economic issues
  • Relationship traumas
  • Clinical depression

What Are Erection Problems?

Erection Problems in Young Men

Erection problems can affect a man of any age group. Young men aged between (20 to 30) may also experience ED. 26% of young men have trouble getting an erection as reported be “the Journal of Sexual medicine”.  Such erectile problems result mainly due to poor lifestyle habits or psychological stress.

How to diagnose Erection Problems?

Doctors perform some tests in order to accurately detect the root cause of erectile dysfunction. These include:

  • CBC (complete blood count) – It includes a set of test that determines the blood count of red cells in the body
  • Hormone Profile – Sex hormones levels are measured
  • NPT (nocturnal penile tumescence) – It measures erection during sleep
  • Duplex ultrasound – A high-frequency wave is used to check the internal organs
  • Urinalysis – It measures testosterone and protein levels in the urine

After performing the above test, doctors can provide much-informed treatment.

What are the potential difficulties?

Erectile problems can really mess up your life and impact the personal and professional quality of life. Some of the additional complications are:

  • Embarrassment
  • Stress or anxiety
  • Low self-esteem
  • Dis-satisfactory sex life
  • Relationship problems


How Can You Fix Erection Problems?

The American Family Physician has graded ED on a three-point scale: complete, moderate, and mild. The treatment process starts with identifying the level of the disorder. The next step is to find the root cause, which may be detected by analyzing sexual responses such as arousal, desire, relaxation, and orgasm.

Once the cause and severity of the problem are detected, it becomes easy to fix:

Some medical options for treating erection issues include:

  • Medications infused into the penis
  • Medication infused into the urethra
  • Oral medications
  • Vacuum devices
  • Surgery

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle majorly affects the erection problems. Smart lifestyle practices can help you get rid of erectile problems. Some changes you may consider are as follows:

  • stop tobacco use
  • drink less alcohol
  • get plenty of rest
  • eat a healthy diet
  • Exercise regularly
  • discuss sexual issues with your partner

If these changes do not minimize your symptoms, immediately contact your doctor to find the main cause of the problem. The doctor will check your rectum, penis, prostate, and nervous system function. You may be asked about current health issues and when your symptoms started.


When to Consult Your Doctor?

If your erection problems worsen over time, then you should definitely consult your doctor. If the problems get worse after prostate surgery or some injury then the doctor should be called without any delay. Sharp pain in stomach and back should not be ignored, make sure to a visit your ER right away.

Any irritation or problem with new medication should also be reported immediately to the doctor.

How to stop Erection Problems?

“Prevention is better than cure”. Engage in better lifestyle behaviors in order to prevent erectile problems. These include:

  • maintaining a proper diet
  • keeping weight in check
  • exercising 5-6 times a week

Erectile problems are caused due to poor flow of blood into the penis. Maintaining good circulatory health can come to your rescue. Regular cardio-based exercises such as biking, running, swimming, and aerobics can improve your condition.

A well-balanced diet with proper fats, proteins, and carbs is equally important.

Chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases can also lead to erectile problems. Medications prescribed to you can also be the reason for your problem.

Mental health problems and issues should be treated right away as ED is worsened with stress and anxiety.


Erectile problems are common in men and can occur at some point in the life of all men. It may be a difficult experience, however, there is nothing to worry about. Changing lifestyle and medical help can improve the condition considerably. Consult your doctor if ED becomes a frequent issue for you. Your doctor can provide potential treatment options. When you thing about treatment of erectile dysfunction? At our trusted pharmacy store available list of medication. You can see Fildena Pill Review and buy online medication for ED treatment.

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