6 Tips to Use Butterfly Theme in Kid’s Birthday Party!

6 Tips to Use Butterfly Theme in Kid’s Birthday Party!

A kid is a budding flower in life. We as the elders always try to give them every happy thing in life so that he/she can become a good person. One of our very intensive efforts is to make their birthday celebration each year grand. Birthdays are one of the most thrilling days in childhood each year. Even we as children used to wait for this day eagerly to get the surprises. There are certain themes trending now for each occasion. For birthdays, one such trending theme is the butterfly theme.

Here are 6 amazing tips to use butterfly theme in kid’s birthday party to make it surprising for her/him.

  1. Send Invitations Look like Butterfly

Send Invitations Look like ButterflyWhen there is an occasion; the very first thing that comes after planning is the invitation. We always try to make innovative attempts to make the invitation eye-catching. As you are taking butterfly as the theme, you can execute such plan in the invitation as well. You can use butterfly shape folding birthday card in invitation. There are some other varieties as well. You can keep the card simple. But then, stick a big and theme color butterfly inside the card. Such a unique theme will catch the eye of the guests and they would not like to miss the occasion for sure.

2. Decoration Using Butterfly Material

Decoration Using Butterfly Material

The decoration is another integral part of a party. You can keep the outside of the party hall simple, but the party hall inside needs to be decorative. As you are taking up butterfly as the theme, you have to use décor props like that for the interior decoration. There are butterfly stickers available in shops. You can pick up multi-color or theme color butterfly for décor. IF you want to give it a DIY look, then you can make varieties of handcraft paper butterflies in a different shape. With threads or string, you can attach them from the ceiling to give your party a stunning look.

3. Butterfly Food

Food is another important part of parties. When you are planning for a celebration, you always have to take care of the food as well. Having the whole theme as butterfly you will also use the butterfly in food as well. If you are planning for any type of pancakes, then make it in a unique butterfly shape. Cupcakes can also be of various shapes. SO, if you order, you can get butterfly shape cupcakes as well. The bowls and platter for the food can also be of such butterfly shape. If not possible you can get butterfly print platters as well. You can send birthday gifts in such unique shape gift packs as well as you know the theme.

4. Butterfly theme matching Cakes and Cupcakes

Butterfly theme matching Cakes and Cupcakes

Birthday celebrations are incomplete without cakes and cupcakes. So, when you are planning for a theme birthday party for your kiddos, you have to arrange a theme cake as well. Cakes are available in online shops where you can find according to your demand. With the cakes, the various flavor cupcakes are also available. So, when he/she cuts the butterfly shape cake, there will be same shape cupcakes in their platters as well. This will be an enjoying experience for the kids as well.

5. Kid’s Butterfly Costume

Kid's Butterfly Costume Kids love to dress alike as they are very regular to schools. But schools have very boring same uniforms. So, on this birthday, make them have some fun with uniform dresses. As the theme is the butterfly, you can make a theme dress for them with butterfly touch. For girls, you can make pink or any other shade dresses with butterfly faux wings. For boys, you can arrange for theme t-shirts. Or, you can just mention the theme and let them surprise you with their costume decoration.

6. Butterfly Party Favors

Butterfly Food

Parties are all about different flavors and favors. It is very hard to keep kids engaged in parties. SO, better arrange for some fun party games that will be party favors for them. You can arrange some funny balloon games. Also, there are puzzle games that can keep the kids engage in intellectual activities. You can get birthday balloon delivery from any online site. Such will make the party funnier for the kids and will be easier for you to handle as well.

Parties and kids are very co-relatable. If you want to keep the kids happy and enjoying birthday parties, the above ideas are perfect. And the butterfly is one unique theme for this occasion.

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