Top Exercise Equipment for Full Body Workout

Top Exercise Equipment for Full Body Workout

Everybody needs exercise to stay fit and healthy. However, most people do not exercise due to busy schedules and lack of time. Even if people with busy lifestyles join a gym, they don’t spend much time to perform the exercises for the body. There are various types of machines in gyms, and every machine is made for different body parts.

Some machines target individual body parts, but some offer a workout for a group of muscles. However, with the arrival of contemporary techniques, many machines target the entire body. You can use these machines for a complete body workout.

Rowing machine
Rowing machines are also popular in gyms in Brisbane as it offers a workout to your legs, arms and core. Most people use it to exercise their back, but it offers a workout for your entire body. It is a low impact machine and suitable for anyone who finds it difficult to exercise while standing in a vertical position. Users can increase or decrease the resistance level of the rowing machine as per their requirement.

Rowing machine with full-motion Arms

Rowing machine with full motion arms is a new exercise machine in Brisbane that offers a complete body workout. It is beneficial for developing strength in the arms, legs and joints. The difference between an ordinary rowing machine and this is that it offers a more extended range of motion for arms and upper body.
It is a small, light and portable machine that you can use anywhere in the home or gym for a full body workout. Using it on moderate levels is perfect for all age groups, even for kids and elders.

You might have seen a treadmill in the gyms. Visit any gym, and you are sure to see a treadmill as it offers a complete body workout. It is easy to use for beginners as well as experienced people. If you don’t hold the handles and move your arms while running, you can get an exercise for the entire body. You can increase or decrease the level of the workout by changing the speed and inclination of the machine.

Elliptical trainer

Elliptical trainer
An elliptical trainer is an ideal machine for a cardiovascular workout for the entire body. Elliptical trainers machine offer you an exercise for the arms, shoulders, legs and core without putting much strain on the joints. The machine is easy to use and suitable for youngsters as well as elders. As it is a low impact machine, individuals of any age can use it for aerobics. To get a high-calorie burner at home, choose an elliptical that offers a high range of motion for your legs and arms.

Versaclimber is a new addition to most gyms that is why people often overlook it. A versaclimber machine is similar to an elliptical machine, but it stands vertically. It feels like climbing a ladder while using and offers a workout for your arms, legs, shoulders, chest, glutes, and core. What else does a fitness freak need? It is a great workout machine for people with a shortage of time for exercise.

Exercise Bikes
Exercise bikes are highly prevalent in gyms in Brisbane. You can see the exercise bikes Brisbane in almost every gym in Brisbane. Earlier they lack in features, but now the manufacturers are offering many useful features in the exercise bikes.
The modern exercise bikes have gears, pedals, toe cage and silent magnetic resistance. All these features make the bikes excellent exercise equipment for all fitness freaks. You can set the resistance levels to easy, moderate or tough settings.

Power tower machine

Power tower machine
A power tower machine allows you to perform a variety of exercise using different stations of the tower. Users can use the machine to perform the exercises like pull-ups, leg raises, chin-ups and more. It has different stations to offer you a full body workout. It is made up of durable steel that can last for decades of use.

The power tower machines are equipped with cushions, padded hand grips and cushioned armrests for full comfort during the exercise. You can perform a variety of exercises for your arms, back, shoulders, core and legs.

Ultimate body works

Ultimate body works
Ultimate body works is a machine that comes with an adjustable incline to vary the resistance levels of exercises. You can perform a variety of push and pull based workouts on this machine. It has a pulley system that you can adjust according to the exercise you want to perform. The best thing about ultimate body works machine is that you can use it to work out your legs, arms, back and core with different exercises.

Final Words

The machines in this post are the best machines for offering a complete body workout. You can use them at home or gym as they don’t take much space. You can place them in a patio, verandah or any other outdoor area that is safe for storage.
However, it is essential to use these machines under the supervision of a qualified instructor as a wrong range of motion can do more harm than good. Using them under the supervision of an instructor helps you to learn the use of machines and make the most of your workouts.

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